by Chris Craddock

Touring Ontario Schools
October 29 – December 7, 2012


Wrecked tackles the issues of alcohol abuse in the lives of teenagers and their families with intelligent humor, subversive wit and candid reality. Through innovative staging and contrasting performance styles, the play presents two perspectives: teenagers as victims of parental alcohol abuse and teenagers themselves as abusers.

Meet Lyle, a typical 16-year old with a secret – an alcoholic parent. Embarrassed and angered by a dysfunctional mom who is wrecking his life, he avoids bringing friends home and struggles with her drinking problem on his own. Making some tough decisions, Lyle is faced with forcing his mom to confront her reality.

Meet students at Lyle’s school – they’re into the partying scene where binge drinking and drugs are a regular part of the weekend fun.

Hip to teen culture, playwright Chris Craddock has done a rare thing – he’s created an engaging and provocative theatre experience about significant social issues that is funny, entertaining and accessible to teens without compromising the power of its educational merits.

Winner of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Production and Performance
Winner of the 2006 Canada Council of the Arts Theatre for Young Audiences Prize