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Roseneath. So Much More Than You Can Imagine.

With your support, together we can create building blocks for awareness and discussion of key social justice and equity concepts with 100,000 youth across Canada and the USA, ages K – 12, through the power of theatre.

Roseneath continues to be on the leading edge of artistic education by tackling important topics in a sensitive, well-informed way by enlisting the experience and knowledge of our amazing community of educators and local stakeholders.

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We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for digging deep in support of Roseneath Theatre. BIG THANKS from our Staff and Board of Directors. 

2017-18 Individual Donors  

David S. Craig
Jacqueline Francisco
Adam Kirkham
Miriam Newhouse
Rick Sacks

*Reflects donations made from August 1, 2017 to Dec 4, 2017


                                                 2016-17 Individual Donors

Ann Atkey
Pamela Baldoni
Linda Blancs
Ryan Brunner
Jillian Cook
Steve Cosens
Ingrid Cracknell
David S Craig
Tamara Crispin
Benny di Zitti
Teodoro Dragonieri
Stephen Dunn
Dave and Judy Erskine
Peter & Caroline Evans
Wayne Fairhead
Jamie Falkiner
Catherine Frid
Peter Gallagher
John & Susan Goddard
Lisa Graboski

Marnie Grona
Gary Hodder
Randall Howard
Cam Johnston & Annemieke Wade
Jon Kaplan
David Kingsmill
Veronica Klemann
Andrew Lamb
Frances & Harvey Lamb
Heather Landon
Anne Lederman
Erin Mackie
Margie Marmor
Meredith & Ella May
Arlene Mazerolle
Allen Maclnnis
Miriam Newhouse
Kathleen Payne
Adam Peer

Niki Poirier
Dan Pyke
Jacey Schnarr
Rinat Shalom
Joanne & Blair Sleightholm
Ruth Stirtzinger
Catherine & Jan Thompson
Grant Tilly
Stephanie Town
Edgar Valderrama
Sigrid Velis
Lidia Volpe
Sue Wade
Robert Watson
Norman Yeung
In Honour of Teodoro Dragonieri
In Honour of Liz McDermott
In Memory of Rhoda


 *Reflects donations made from August 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017