Special Events

Roseneath Theatre had an incredible 17-18 season, performing five productions to nearly 50,000 students across Canada and the United States. We travelled over 40,000 km and finally said good-bye to our touring truck which has travelled 350,000 km for us, bringing shows across Canada and the US! Roseneath employed over 50 artists with 5 full time staff, 5 part-time, a co-op student and an intern.

But this very busy year left us with a deficit.

Although the Canada Council had extra money to give away this year, Roseneath did not benefit, as we were literally the next on the list to receive an increase when the funding purse was empty. Our biggest sponsor informed us eight months into the season that they wouldn’t be renewing their donation this year. These two events were completely unexpected and left us with our jaws on the floor and a hole in our bank account.

So we held an auction! And it was a huge success.
Thank you to everyone who participated. 

A BIG thank-you to all of our Auction Donors



To view the auction, click the link below.