Notes From Our Co-Op Student

file_000Hello, my name is William Baldoni and I have been a Co-op student at Roseneath theatre for just over a month. I am a grade eleven student at Richview Collegiate Institute. I enjoy the arts, my favourite medium being film. Before getting a placement at Roseneath I had seen one of their plays before. Last year Outside was performed at my school and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The question I get asked the most is what made me choose Roseneath. In the spirit of full transparency, I was trying to get a placement at a movie studio and after a month of trying I had no luck! My Co-op teacher then asked me how I felt about theatre and told me about Roseneath. Before I knew it I was all dressed up and on my way to an interview. I have so far enjoyed my time here.

If I had to sum it up with one word, it’d be “different”, let me explain what I mean by that. The first week or two was getting to know everyone that I’d be working with and what their role is at the company. I did simple tasks like posting flyers in the neighbourhood, taking brochure inventory, etc. However after that I had the pleasure of going to Young People’s Theatre where I watched the Roseneath production Spirit Horse. Not too long after that, Andrew Lamb (Roseneath’s Artistic Director) brought me to a TAC (Toronto Arts Council) meeting he was attending. I was able to meet many other people in this field, watch them interact with their peers, discuss the problems they are facing and see how they worked together to find possible solutions. The following week, I was given the opportunity to see the Theatre Gargantua show Reflector which was a style of theatre that I had never seen before. I found it quite fascinating the way they did theatre with elements I would consider non-traditional. Finally, this week I was able to see a dress rehearsal of Second Nature which is a school touring show from the Canadian Opera Company. It was my first ever opera. It was interesting to see the way they adapted the extravagance of opera to the minimalist requirements of a show that tours schools.

In my short time here at Roseneath I have met many kind and interesting people and have had experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. It has been a real pleasure and I look forward to these fun experiences continuing.

William Baldoni

Proudly Announcing our 33rd Season

At the cutting edge of current events, Roseneath Theatre’s 33rd season features four productions with young female protagonists that are about what is happening right now in the lives of young people. The season begins with a US venue tour of The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh by Chris Craddock, followed closely by an Ontario venue and school tour of Spirit Horse by Drew Hayden Taylor that launches with two weeks on the Mainstage at Young Peoples Theatre. The second half of the season includes the world premiere of Birds of a Feather by Robert Watson and a new high school adaptation of Meet Cute by Erin Norah Thompson. All four of these stories follow strong young females as they navigate current challenges including: diverse families, Indigenous culture, racism, mental health/wellness and the notion of consent. This season invites young audiences to look at the world around them and appreciate difference in our ways of learning, our cultures, our families, our friendships and our relationships. These shows depict real scenarios explored from a young person’s perspective, without talking down to them, and encourage empathy in our audiences with the aim of beginning a real dialogue on the themes addressed in each play.

Andrew Lamb
Artistic Director

October 11 – December 8, 2016


by Chris Craddock

Grades 4-8
Themes:  ADHD, Bullying, Identity, Mental Health

A story of super powers, bullying and one girl’s real life struggle to stay calm and focused in the face of an ADHD diagnosis.


October 17 – November 26, 2016

SpiritHorse-purple-webSPIRIT HORSE
Native American adaptation by Drew Hayden Taylor
from the Irish Play ‘Tir Na N’Og’ by Greg Banks

Grades 4-8
Themes: Indigenous Culture, Racism, Bullying, Perseverance, Fairness, Respect

When two Indigenous sisters go on a mystical journey with their horse Wildwind, their father must chase them down to save his family.


March 20 – May 5, 2017

by Robert Watson

Grades K-4
Themes: Diversity in Families, Imagination, Cooperation, Friendship, Teamwork

A junior bird watcher’s adventure in Hawaii leads her to discover the Laysan Albatross whose families have similarities to her own.


April 3 – May 19, 2017

MeetCute-webMEET CUTE
by Erin Norah Thompson

Grades 9-12
Themes: Consent, Healthy Relationships, Identity, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills

Jane and John meet at a bus stop – could there be romance? One meeting shown three different ways to explore the notion of consent.


For more Information or to book a performance contact: 416-686-5199 x223