La Maleta (The Suitcase) – About the Play


La Maleta (The Suitcase) by Beatriz Pizano is the story of Roca, a ten-year old refugee who escapes her native Colombia clutching her suitcase – inside of which she believes her grandmother is hiding. Struggling to adapt to a new city, a new school and a new way of life, Roca befriends Paz, a boy with a secret who is being bullied by their classmates. Opening the suitcase leads them to embark on an adventure where Roca finds the courage, hope and strength to adapt to her new home. Incorporating both Spanish and English, this production will engage students’ imagination and provide insight into what a new student who doesn’t speak their language might be feeling and thinking.

Grades 2-6

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Social Studies, Drama
Character Education Connections: Empathy, Respect, Integrity
Themes: Immigration, Imagination, Bullying


Photos featuring:
La Maleta (The Suitcase) Cast: Jessica Zepeda, Joseph Recinos, Alejandra Simmons
Directed By: Andrew Lamb
Photos By: Mark Seow