In Development


Roseneath Theatre is currently developing the following plays through workshop:

It’s Nothing by Julia Lederer
This piece addresses eating disorders, a pertinent issue for young girls and boys.  It’s Nothing aims to present a unique perspective on anorexia that assists in the understanding of the illness by those experiencing it and those on the outside.  Following the story of Emma, a high school student, there is an unseen girl who speaks Emma’s thoughts, a hot dog who taunts her, a concerned close friend, as well as her mother and the school guidance counsellor.  Important aspects of developing this show include exploring how to present the mindset of someone who suffers from anorexia on stage through humour as well as demystifying what treatment entails.
Stop The Internet by Jesse Stong

Kayla and Danielle are siblings. They may only be a year apart, but sometimes it feels like they are living in different worlds! People say Kayla is the strangest kid in seventh grade. She leaves her smart-phone at home so it doesn’t distract her during class. She can barely type texts, and spends all day writing in cursive and calligraphy. When she wants to learn something, she actually goes to the library…. using books instead of Google! Her family must be dinosaurs or part of a cult or hate electricity or something! The truth is exactly the opposite; Her Mom designs some of the hottest video games on the web, and her sister is practically an internet celebrity! In fact Danielle is the coolest, funniest, most liked, most upvoted, most iphone-addicted eighth grader on the planet! When she isn’t stuck sneaking texts under her desk at school, she’s on her computer keeping up with all her loyal online followers. Stop The Internet will look at all sides of the arguments for and against the internet. Rather than preaching at kids about the dangers and thrills of the web, it will be about showing both sides equally and allowing young people to draw their own conclusions. The play will explore the real history of the internet and theories about the potential future of our online world.