For Teachers


Roseneath Theatre is a touring theatre company for Young Audiences. We bring our plays to school gymnasiums and auditoriums throughout Ontario. Our plays support cultural literacy, address specific curriculum expectations and promote character and values education. All performances have study guides created by respected educators in subject-related fields that provide activities and discussion questions relating to the performance.

  • We are the only professional company to have performed in every English school district in the province of Ontario.
  • We are the only professional theatre to annually produce or present a play for high schools.
Why We Create Theatre for Young Audiences:
  • We believe that young people have as rich an emotional life as adults.
  • We believe that children are as deserving, if not more, as adult audiences of high quality, professional theatre that speaks to their life experience and enriches their imagination.
  • We encourage playwrights to explore themes and situations that express as much of that complex life as possible and then distill it into an accessible theatrical form.
  • We support our performances with detailed educational materials that are designed to outline the play as well as provide activities to incorporate the play into class work to ensure that the impact of the play lasts far beyond the performance date.

To Book Contact:
Roseneath Theatre’s Education Office
416-686-5199 x223