Playwrights In Residence


Roseneath Theatre is thrilled to have Emil Sher as a Playwright-in-Residence. Emil’s residency is made possible with support from the Ontario Arts Council‘s Playwright-in-Residence Programme.

emilsher_thumbEmil Sher – Biography
Emil Sher writes for the young and the once-were-young. His plays – staged across Canada, the United States and Britain – include Sanctuary, Mourning Dove, Bluenose, and the acclaimed adaptation of Hana’s Suitcase. The stories he tills make for a varied crop: children’s poems, essays, radio plays, and the unspoken narrative for a ballet. He has been playwright-in-residence at several theatre companies, and his stage works have been anthologized, published, and translated into Hebrew, Italian, and Slovak.

Omega by Emil Sher – Currently in development
is inspired by a true story Emil heard chronicled in a documentary for CBC Radio. Elizabeth Gray told the compelling tale of a young man with a boundless passion for graffiti whose life was cut short when he was struck by a train in the midst of making art. That is how he and his friends looked upon the colourful “bombs” he dropped on the walls of buildings and sides of trains: as artful self-expression. In his unshakeable but risky commitment to his craft he earned the respect of his peers and, unexpectedly, his parents’ abiding admiration.

It is Omega’s passion for self expression that will drive this play and raise the question – what’s your passion? The exploration of this young graffiti artists’ story will focus on his relationship with his parents and friends as well as the impact his death had on the wider community. We are interested to explore the physicality of danger in this story through movement as well as percussion using spray-paint cans and other found objects from Omega’s world. The structure of this piece will play with time and flashbacks to give the audience context while driving the story home in an active way.