Snow and Finnish Pancakes – Week Five with Dib and Dob

For this weeks’ blog entry, we caught up with Daniel Krolik (Dib) to hear what his first Northern trek on a Roseneath tour was like. From wonderful audience members to snow in May to Finnish pancakes, it sounds like it’s been an adventure!

Daniel Krolik - Dob

Daniel Krolik – Dob

What a week! From Toronto to Orillia to Sudbury to Lively to Blind River to Elliot Lake to Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay, and then on to Red Lake tomorrow bright and early. The show is at a great place right now. We’ve settled into the routine of performing so the jangled nerves of the first couple of weeks have settled, but the touring schedule and new and different audiences have kept our work alive and fresh. Our show at Elliot Lake was particularly special: the brakes on our van sputtered out on our way to Central Avenue Public School. As we waited for a tow truck, we were unsure if we could make it on time for our performance. The school was incredibly gracious and accommodating, and waited for us until our vehicle was brought to the school on a raised flatbed, with actors and stage management intact! Students and teachers alike reached out to make sure the show went on. One of the teachers even made an emergency breakfast run for us at the local Tim’s! There was such an incredible outpouring of goodwill and support that it made that afternoon’s show especially satisfying.
Thunder Bay has been great so far – despite the snow that creeped up on us on our drive north :). All those Facebook pictures of our friends having sunny picnics in Toronto didn’t exactly help things either. Not to fear, by our second day there the cold was gone and we were treated to some beautiful weather. We also treated ourselves to some Finnish pancakes for breakfast this morning at the legendary Hoito House. I am so happy to be on team Dib and Dob, and I can’t wait to get back to performing the show later this week.

Snow in May in Northern Ontario. Dib and Dob and the Journey Home 2013.

Snow in May in Northern Ontario. Dib and Dob and the Journey Home 2013.

Finnish Pancakes in Thunder Bay. L to R: Daniel Krolik and Sandi Becker.

Finnish Pancakes in Thunder Bay. L to R: Daniel Krolik and Sandi Becker.

Dib & Dob and the Journey Home – Week 3

Today, It’s stage manager Sandi’s turn to blog as Dib & Dob continues it’s successful tour.

It’s our third week of touring, and we’re really starting to get into the swing of things. Our huge set seems less huge every day, and we’re all building tons of muscle carrying it in and out of schools!

A beautiful mural brightens the halls of Queen Victoria Public School

One of the best days this week was Friday. We had two shows at the same school. The morning show was for JK to grade 2, and the afternoon was grades 3 and 4. It was such an interesting experience to see such a huge difference in audiences! The younger group was so full of energy and excitement, while the older ones were very thoughtful. It was so much fun to see such varied reactions just an hour apart.

So, for now, we say good-bye to our favorite people and pets in Toronto and head to London for the week. We also plan to pack bathing suits because we hear our hotel has a pool!

Dib & Dob and the Journey Home Hits the Road

Since it’s the cast and crew of Dib and Dob and the Journey Home’s first week on the road, we asked them to fill us in on how the first couple days have gone.

Setting up for a promo video shoot of Dib & Dob and the Journey Home. Set design by Karyn McCallum.

Day 1, Morning:
After a fantastically exciting and brisk two weeks of rehearsal with Director Andrew Lamb, and the addition of character exploration through mask-work guided masterfully by Teodoro Dragonieri, the Dib & Dob cast and crew were delighted to have our first performance at Lord Roberts Public School. Colin Doyle (Dob) and Daniel Krolik (Dib) along with Sandi Becker (Stage Manager) and James Kendal (Tree Monster & Technical Director), had a wonderful and enthusiastically received first performance at a school for this run.

Film shoot all set up and ready to go! Dib & Dob and the Journey Home. Set design by Karyn McCallum.

The “fleur control-room” for Dib & Dob and the Journey Home

Day 1, Afternoon:
After an urgent and delicious pause for lunch at a Queen East charcuterie, the cast and crew had another splendid show presented to the lovely hosts at Morse Street Public School in Toronto.

Cast and crew of Dib & Dob and the Journey Home recharge between shows on the first day of tour. L to R: Sandi Becker and Daniel Krolik.

First marquee Day 1 of tour for Dib & Dob and the Journey Home

Stay tuned to our blog for more stories and photos from the road in the next few weeks!