An amazing and successful Giving Tuesday Now


From the bottom of our hearts at Roseneath Theatre we want to extend a big thanks to our community for coming out this Giving Tuesday to support us.

Our Giving Tuesday Now Goal: $3,600

Giving Tuesday Now Total:


(106% of our goal!)

Roseneath still needs your support!

We are hoping to raise $10,000 for our #RoseneathAtHome programming. We want to expand our online camps to make summer camp possible for kids in our community, even if it has to be at a social distance. As of this posting we are 37% to our goal. You can help us get there by donating today! Learn more about #RoseneathAtHome.

May 5 is Giving Tuesday Now

For the past 36 years Roseneath has been creating building blocks for awareness and discussion of key social justice and equity concepts with more than 100,000 youth across Canada and the USA, through the power of theatre.

Donate today for Giving Tuesday Now

For the past 36 years we have grown as a community into a strong, informed family that understands the power of theatre.

For the past 36 years we have addressed provocative issues relevant to today’s youth encouraging them to reflect on themselves and their place within the community.

Together we help.
Together we stand.
Will you stand with us? 

Stand with us in raising $3,600 this Giving Tuesday Now.

Teacher Study Guide Resources

Are you an educator in need of at-home assignments and group work to assign to your students? Roseneath wants to help. No booking is required to use our study guide resources that can be found at and archived study guides can be found here:

Our study guides are related to our shows but you do not need to have seen our shows to make use of our educator made, curriculum compatible activities that can be done online. We have activities for both elementary and secondary level students. Below are some of our selected choices that we think will translate well into virtual classrooms.

Roseneath Theatre Study Guide links for Teachers and Parents:

Study Guides
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