Notes From Our Co-Op Student

file_000Hello, my name is William Baldoni and I have been a Co-op student at Roseneath theatre for just over a month. I am a grade eleven student at Richview Collegiate Institute. I enjoy the arts, my favourite medium being film. Before getting a placement at Roseneath I had seen one of their plays before. Last year Outside was performed at my school and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The question I get asked the most is what made me choose Roseneath. In the spirit of full transparency, I was trying to get a placement at a movie studio and after a month of trying I had no luck! My Co-op teacher then asked me how I felt about theatre and told me about Roseneath. Before I knew it I was all dressed up and on my way to an interview. I have so far enjoyed my time here.

If I had to sum it up with one word, it’d be “different”, let me explain what I mean by that. The first week or two was getting to know everyone that I’d be working with and what their role is at the company. I did simple tasks like posting flyers in the neighbourhood, taking brochure inventory, etc. However after that I had the pleasure of going to Young People’s Theatre where I watched the Roseneath production Spirit Horse. Not too long after that, Andrew Lamb (Roseneath’s Artistic Director) brought me to a TAC (Toronto Arts Council) meeting he was attending. I was able to meet many other people in this field, watch them interact with their peers, discuss the problems they are facing and see how they worked together to find possible solutions. The following week, I was given the opportunity to see the Theatre Gargantua show Reflector which was a style of theatre that I had never seen before. I found it quite fascinating the way they did theatre with elements I would consider non-traditional. Finally, this week I was able to see a dress rehearsal of Second Nature which is a school touring show from the Canadian Opera Company. It was my first ever opera. It was interesting to see the way they adapted the extravagance of opera to the minimalist requirements of a show that tours schools.

In my short time here at Roseneath I have met many kind and interesting people and have had experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. It has been a real pleasure and I look forward to these fun experiences continuing.

William Baldoni






Dear Friend of Roseneath Theatre,

This season we are directing our end-of-year fundraising efforts towards the return engagement of a vital and acclaimed work for students in Grades 7-12, Paul Dunn’s OUTSIDE. This multi-Dora Award nominated play, which tells the story of Daniel — a teen facing homophobic bullying at school — is back for a second tour in the spring.

One of our more salient goals in programming Outside is to get the play out to those communities beyond the GTA – communities in which a young person coming to grips with their newfound LGBTQ-identity might not have the breadth of support offered to a teenager in Toronto. To that end, we are setting up a fund dedicated to covering out-of-town expenses for the Spring tour of Outside. Donations secured through this campaign will directly benefit Roseneath’s commitment to getting this important play out to smaller communities outside of the GTA.

We’ve all, at some point in our lives, felt like we were on the ‘outside’ — it’s a particularly difficult thing to come to grips with when you are young. When all you hope for is to fit in. The work we are undertaking with Outside has the potential to make a significant impact in the life of a young audience member — perhaps most significantly so in the rural communities that we will visit while on tour.

If you can, please lend your support by including Roseneath Theatre in your end-of-year giving plans. All contributions are tax-deductible, and we will sing your praises throughout the year!

Thanks kindly for your consideration — and all the best for a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Andrew Lamb
Artistic Director

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JUST ANNOUNCED: This winter we’re offering two brilliant ways for you to support Roseneath Theatre while having a fabulous time. Our afternoon Family-Friendly-Fundraiser is suited to younger kids and their caregivers, and our Outside Gala in the Grand Ballroom of The 519 will prove a great night-out for an audience of teens and adults. Feel warm and fuzzy in the dead of winter, as you buoy our efforts to bring world-class theatre to young people clear across the Province!

Andrew Lamb

These events are an excellent chance for the public to see two highly-acclaimed productions Roseneath Theatre is touring Ontario this season. Proceeds from the events will enable us to reach farther into the Province, reaching communities that don’t as-often have access to this type of arts experience.

-Andrew Lamb, Artistic Director

Outside Fundraiser Jim


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A great crowd joined us in the Cabaret at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for a special public reading to raise awareness and funds for our upcoming provincial tour of Paul Dunn’s Outside. Photo of Andrew Lamb, G. Kyle Shields, Mina James, Giacomo Sellar by JDL.  Tallulah’s Cabaret, Nov 11, 2016.

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Big Thanks to our Event Patrons: Wayne Fairhead, Susan & John Goddard and Jim Giles.







THE MONEY TREE: Jan 25-Mar 4, 2016 / OUTSIDE: Mar 21-May 6, 2016


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For more than 30 years we’ve been bringing engaging and entertaining professional theatre directly to schools clear across the province. We present thought-provoking theatre that challenges young people to consider their role in real and relatable situations. For anyone who has experienced being different and for everyone looking to support a friend, Roseneath’s plays open a door to meaningful dialogue that has the power to reshape communities. 

This season’s themes speak directly to the experiences students encounter both in the classroom and at home. The plays programmed for 2015-16 have a proven track record of sparking lively dialogue around hot button  issues, and feature young characters grappling with issues which range from bullying and the move to establish Gay/Straight Alliances in Canadian high schools, to living with ADHD.

Paul Dunn’s OUTSIDE (Grades 7-12) and Robert Watson’s THE MONEY TREE (Grades K-6) anchor the season – both are fresh-off sold-out tours in 2014-15, and both also received Dora Award nominations Outstanding New Play! The lineup is rounded-out by acclaimed playwright Chris Craddock’s THE INCREDIBLE SPEEDINESS OF JAMIE CAVANAUGH (Grades 4-8), helmed by multi-Dora lauded director Richard Greenblatt.

Each of our tours is launched with two Sneak-Peek Preview performances at our Dundas-West headquarters in Toronto, before the Artistic Ensembles head out on tour across the province. We bring a professional production right to your school, anywhere in Ontario, complete with theatrical set and our own sound equipment. School pricing is per performance and starts at $650 (plus HST) for an audience of up to 300 students. For more information about bringing a Roseneath production to your school, contact:


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July 31st was last day of our fiscal year, and we’d like to acknowledge the following generous individuals for making a contribution towards Roseneath’s 2014-15 Season …

JET-SETTERS: Benny Di Zitti, Randall Howard, John MacIntyre, Susan & John Goddard

FIRST-CLASS PATRONS: Andrew Lamb & Robert Watson

CULTURAL NAVIGATORS: Salah Bachir, Margie Marmor, Harvey & Fran LambAdam Peer, Niki Poirier

FREQUENT FLYERS: Barbara Buchanan, Dan CremascoWayne Fairhead, Aaron Lamb, Ashley Lamb, Sam Marinucci, Miriam Newhouse & Peter Messaline,  Lidia Volpe

CREW MEMBERS: Trent Arterberry, Leslie Bland, Catherine BrattyTamara Crispin, Jill Holroyd, Leslie Jost, Jon KaplanAllen MacInnis, Arlene MazerolleStacey NortonAliciaPayne, Kathleen Payne, Judith Wright

ART FUEL: Angela CalderoneColin Doyle, David & Judy Erskine, Peter Gallagher & Victoria KlemannNona MacDonald, Roland RossRick Sacks, Larry Swartz, Sybil Wilkinson, Belarie Zatzman

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Meet Morgan…

Every year at Roseneath Theatre, we have the opportunity to work with young people from Ontario high schools and universities who are looking for a deeper understanding of the theatre production world and ‘real world’ experience. Today we said good-bye to Morgan, who has been with us for a few months. One of Morgan’s biggest accomplishments was managing the layout and design of our ‘bio boards’ for this year’s shows. Here is what he had to say about his experience…


Morgan with one of the bio boards he created for our 2014-2015 season

Hello my name is Morgan Elbourne and I was a Co-op student from Western Technical Commercial School who had the pleasure of working at Roseneath Theatre and would now like to tell you about my experiences while working there. At Roseneath you have to do a bit of everything but mainly I would work in the marketing department using computer apps to help design, fix, or add to graphics that would help promote what a great place Roseneath is. I used the computer for most jobs, whether for researching online, managing ticket selling/event planning websites (Eventbrite, Ticketswell), writing word docs, managing excel spreadsheets, or simply just passing along emails to other people. Being a theatre, Roseneath also produces plays which gives you the great experience of meeting the crew and actors as well as seeing the process of a stage production being put together. Continue reading