Tatiana Palacio

Tatiana Palacio 
Production Assistant

Tatiana came to Canada from Colombia at age 11 in 1988. She spent the next 10 years moving back and forth trying to decide which place was “home”. Canada was the final choice, and since 1999 she has lived, loved an laughed here.

She then spent the next 20 years trying to figure out what her biggest passion was (she has many). She has studied acting, graphic design, media and communications, television broadcasting, scriptwriting, sewing, welding, history of furniture, interior decorating and is now learning to play the guitar. Despite all her creative urges and talents, she finds herself enthralled by administrative and office managing activities and is very good at this. Deep down she’s just a girl, in front of a desk, asking to be loved.

Tatiana also enjoys creating and/or fixing things, organizing, streamlining, singing (badly) and she loves animals. She is a mother of two dogs.

Her current position as production assistant at Roseneath fills her with sincere and deep joy and gratitude. To her this is a “Unicorn Job” that is filling many of her lifelong dreams (No sarcasm). She loves Roseneath and the people she works with. It feels like home. Canada was the right choice.

Tatiana is a VERY serious person.

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