Board of Directors


Our company is a registered charity and as such is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the fiduciary and mission based issues of the organization. The senior staff supervises the daily processes of the company and reports directly to the Board Executive.

New Board members are appointed at the annual AGM in November of each year, but potential members are often invited to sit in on meetings and to join committees in advance of this.

2016-17 Roseneath Board of Directors:

Teodoro Dragonieri, Chair

Benny di Zitti, Past Chair

Randall Howard, Treasurer

Lidia Volpe, Secretary

Margie Marmor

Roxanne Gill

Rosemary Sadlier

Sybil Wilkinson

Additional Committee Members:
Barbara Buchanan
Dan Cremasco
Nancy Liunardo
Nick Lanaro
Shelyane Li